gMapMaker is a Google Maps downloading utility for Windows
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gMapMaker is a Google Maps downloading utility for Windows. It doesn't really allow you to download a map to use offline. Instead, it creates an image file from a map. For example, you want to download a map of a park in your city but you don't need anything but the satellite images, then you can simply download it as a JPEG file.

The application allows you to download satellite images, terrain images, driving map images, and hybrid images. You can also choose what the zoom level for your images will be. One is the closest you can get to the ground, but that zoom level isn't available everywhere.

You select an area of the map you need by inputting longitude and latitude. You can calculate the area that will get downloaded by adding a longitude/latitude pair for the top-left corner of the map and the bottom-right corner, thus forming a square. I would have loved to be able to simply select the area in a map. I have seen other applications achieve that.

Google Maps is kind of picky when allowing their maps to be accessed from places other than, and it often bans users from downloading maps. Thus, gMapMaker allows you to connect to Google Maps using either a single proxy or by linking the application to a text file with a list of proxies.

Overall, the application performance is rather buggy. The downloading process often hangs for no reason and it is kind of hard to troubleshoot what is going on. I often found that downloading a map worked one time and, trying the same settings a few minutes later showed no progress whatsoever. Since the project has been discontinued, I don't expect any improvements.

The picture formats supported are JPEG, PNG and TIFF.

José Fernández
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  • Creates good quality images from maps


  • It is rather buggy, often not working at all
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